I simply moved my Joomla! website from BradPPresents.com to BradP.com. No Nude, but Might Not Be SFW

Everything works correctly on unsecured HTTP access But the moment the website changes to HTTPS: the bottom HREF reverts towards the OLD url "BradPPresents.com".

I have transformed every demonstration of BradPPresents.com I'm able to find, without results.

Does anybody get sound advice? Take a moment to look into the site and experiment when needed.

Thanks. Best, Nick

In my opinion the only real place you will need to change may be the configuration.php file. There mustn't remain just a single one mention of the BradPPresents.com

I've lately moved a Joomla site in one spot to another and all sorts of it required ended up being to fiddle using the configuration.php file for some time.