I am attempting to modify all jplayer game titles while using wordpress wordpress plugin version.

when adding things the title is saved inside a span known as .T_mp3j

<span class="T_mp3j" id="T_mp3j_0">1. Blow-Out-Original-Mix3.mp3</span>

when attempting to update this within the .ready handler it only appends the worthiness, not change it.


 $('.T_mp3j').html("PLAY SNIPPET");

(or $('.T_mp3j').text("PLAY SNIPPET") )

leads to

<span class="T_mp3j" id="T_mp3j_0">
"1. Blow-Out-Original-Mix3.mp3"

however, running exactly the same in the consoles (in chrome or opera) helps make the text replace and never append.

<span class="T_mp3j" id="T_mp3j_0">PLAY SNIPPET</span>

also $('.T_mp3j').empty() does nothing insprepared but empties within the console.

any suggestions?

It may be the wordpress wordpress plugin add the data with jQuery itself, as well as your function operates before they add the written text, or?

The code works fine basically test drive it, so there's something disturbing it inside your site.

Your working script: http://jsfiddle.net/DdGNT/