am attempting to make use of the Jquery accordion to exhibit a listing of links produced by wordpress using the [cde] function.

This function returns a listing of wp_list_categories(); <ul> <li> tags. My issue is that to be able to have it working fine, such as the second exemple on this page, the heading <a> tags, need to get a unique class: <a> that's utilized in the js meaning of the accordion:

<a class="head" href="?p=1.1.1">Guitar</a>

Without it class, the hover opens the sub list, but the moment i recieve lower to hover on from the child elements, it shuts the accordion. The exemple may be the gray bloc on this page.

My question goes such as this, can you really append with javascript the needed class (.mind for ex) for this dynamically produced list ?

It's, especially since you are using jQuery.

        active: false,
        header: '.head',
        event: 'mouseover'

It isn't beautiful, however it should work. Add it in prior to the code you cited.

Rather than setting header to jQuery('#navigation > li > a').addClass('head'); , would you place it to .head, which may choose the very best level #navigation > li > a tags?