I've been attempting to make it to ensure that whenever you click on the thumbnail picture of a publish, this content is animated lower inside a div. Should you click another div, this content animates support after which animates down again using the new content. This content will be proven within the div theContainer.

Presently it's not doing anything, however i am fairly sure it's close simply have designed a silly mistake somewhere which i haven't seen.

Live: http://www.mathewhood.com/sitefiles jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/YpHCq/

N.B. <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?> - Shows the publish thumbnail (defined when designing the publish in Wordpress) <?php the_title(); ?> - Shows the title from the publish <?php the_content(); ?> - Shows this content from the publish

This can be a quite simple factor to complete, while using following jQuery to start with:


Check my working example here - http://jsfiddle.net/ajthomascouk/byWwk/

Try leaving comments the bits of php which are contained in your jQuery because they turn to be what is leading to the page to operate improperly. I'd also alter the title from the var from $container to some thing distinctive.