I consider myself relatively Wordpress savvy dealing with plug ins, shortcodes, styles, etc. I get a jQuery conflict in this article after i use a Fullcalendar shortcode to show my event calendar. I have tried personally this shortcode previously and Yes, it works perfectly around the default Wordpress theme. I can not appear to obtain the script leading to the conflict.

Here's link: http://reconnection.co/events/calendar-overview/

Here's error: $("#espresso_calendar").fullCalendar isn't a function...

Thank you for any help.

EDIT: You'll need the big event Espresso Calendar Addon wordpress plugin triggered to make use of this inside a stock demo. The Fullcalendar script loads from that addon.

I attempted to appear through this publish for help but could not discover the same problem: http://eventespresso.com/forums/2010/12/calendar-is-broken/comment-page-1/#comment-11492.

I call at your point concerning the actual Fullcalendar script "missing" when page is loaded. I'll consider this at this time but has labored with no problem previously.

EDIT2: I have learned that the needed Fullcalendar.js inclusion script is missing in the wordpress_footer() output. Not a clue why. It really works effortlessly on other styles.

In other styles the thing is this when wordpress_footer() function is known as: . Within this situation there's a wordpress_footer() declaration however it just does not output the script reference. Any ideas?