I am using jQuery v1.5.1 and jQuery Cycle v2.99 using the code out of this example page - http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/pager3.html

You can observe the website I am focusing on here - http://bluehoop-demo.co.uk/accident/gallery

For whatever reason pictures 2,4 &lifier 6 don't load any images.

Thumbnail 1 loads image 1

Thumbnail 3 loads image 2

Thumbnail 5 loads image 3

I have replicated and copied and pasted the precise code right into a blank html template also it all works fine, so I am presuming the issue is triggered by Wordpress. I simply haven't an idea how you can repair it. Any help could be greatly appreciated!

Wordpress was instantly adding a rest line after each one of the bigger images, this triggered the script to coverOrdisplay the break lines rather than the pictures.

Getting rid of these fixed the issue.