Wishing someone might help. I'm while using wordpress wordpress plugin Safe Report Comments and delay pills work fine with Wordpress 3.3.1 however the only factor may be the ajax breaks other plug ins. Clearly basically take away the jQuery another plug ins work fine. I've attempted loading it in footer but it doesn't appear to assist. I'm not a clue with jquery and wishing someone might help.

This is actually the jQuery

function safe_report_comments_flag_comment(comment_id, nonce, result_id) {
    SafeCommentsAjax.ajaxurl, {
        comment_id: comment_id,
        sc_nonce: nonce,
        result_id: result_id,
        action: 'safe_report_comments_flag_comment'
    }, function (data) {
        jQuery('#' + result_id).html(data);
    return false;


jQuery(document).ready(function () {

Here is the php utilized in the wordpress plugin

wp_enqueue_script($this->_plugin_prefix . '-ajax-request', $this->plugin_url . '/js/ajax.js', array('jquery'));

Any help could be appreicated.