So i am writing a wordpress plugin for wordpress and among the pages has information that loads on keyup. the problem is it cannot appear to discover the file regardless of what I actually do! the folder reputation for the wordpress plugin is 'arl-staff'.

I have attempted making the burden URL equal 'arl-staff/ajax/search-for-bands.php', ins/arl-staff/search-for-bands.php' and 'admin.php?page=arl-staff/ajax/search-for-bands.php'. I simply have no idea what else to complete. The div loads your blog 404 page upon keyup. Here's my code:

$("#band_data").load('ajax/search-for-bands.php', $('#band_search_form').serialize(), function(data){});

Any idea what i have to result in the Link to the .load to?

Most likely the simplest factor to complete at this time is always to a string in accordance with the main. You will need to be aware of openly accessible url.

For instance in case your url appears like this: you will need to load use

$("#band_data").load('/somestuff/otherstuff/ajax/search-for-bands.php', $('#band_search_form').serialize(), function(data){});