Hello, this really is baking my noodle, any help could be awesome! Thanks

The reduced lower.. I am creating a jQuery-mobile alpha 4 site using wordpress like a Content management systems. I am looking to get googles jquery maps UI to operate during my theme. Simple what you know already but I am getting a mistake online 318 from the jquery-maps-ui script.

I am utilizing a theme produced by a french dude. It is the right one I possibly could get in my own opinion to develop. URL > frobert.com/en/2011/03/30/generic-jquery-mobile-wordpress-theme/

My plan is to buy a little of geo locate functionality on my small map page with fusion tables etc. However I cant even obtain the fundamental of fundamental demos to operate!?? This is when I am getting my source, all jquery mobile frameworked.. http://jquery-ui-map.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/demos/jquery-mobile-example.html

If anybody could possibly get the fundamental map demo to operate within this wordpress theme, would you help :-)

If you wish to re-create my exact error in your wordpress. Download the theme around the link below all all set to go using the google map-ui page scripts incorporated. http://wtrns.fr/_PTQG94oxWzvUA

All that you should do is give a page having a slug known as 'maps'

Also within the folder is really a working html illustration of google map-ui and script. It really works in your area too.

When you drop the theme inside your styles folder, you have to add the wordpress_tap wordpress plugin also (incorporated within the download). The reason being it redirects desktop browsers for your default theme. And so the wordpress_tap wordpress plugin redirects products towards the jquery-mobile theme. Easy setup. Without having this pluging installed, it locks you from your admin for whatever reason. But when your already drenched in, it works together with-the wordpress plugin, and you will just place it for you default theme. Sounds dodgy I understand however it works sweet. Give it a try if you feel you will get results. I have incorporated the wordpress-tap wordpress plugin during my download link.

Any suggestions could be so excellent! Thanks, Josh

You load jquery 2 occasions, for this reason you receive that error... For those who have questions regarding the jquery maps wordpress plugin, please request within the forum, jquery google maps plugin forum. Change this

<script type="text/javascript">
            google.load("maps", "3", {'other_params':'sensor=true'});
            //REMOVE THIS --> google.load("jquery", "1.5");