I've produced a static HTML page with anythingslider to exhibit sliding portfolio works. For the reason that static HTML page it really works all right. Now i'm attempting to convert this site to some WordPress template page. In the beginning, I simply copy items in the static primary container page (excluding header and footer) also it reduces. It provides me with a mistake jQuery("#portfolioslide").data("AnythingSlider") is null Where must i search directly into define the reason for the issue?

I am unsure what you're attempting to do, but .data() is perfect for storing arbitrary data along with a component. Perhaps you have formerly saved the information towards the same element, with similar key, on a single page? Otherwise, .data() is anticipated to come back null. See documentation


Within the source code for anything slider I discovered the next:

if ($(this).is('.anythingBase')) { return; } // prevent multiple initializations

In your soul HTML you will find the following:

<ul id="portfolioslide" class="anythingBase" style="width: 4800px;">

Bad since anything slider thinks that you have already initialized portfolioslide. Remove class="anythingBase" also it should work