Am am using both jQuery and Mootools on my small Joomla frontend. Can there be eny simple method to eliminate Mootools without editing Joomla core files, this is exactly what i have been doing however i dont want that temprorary solution anymore.

During my projects I usually use that in template's index.php:

$user     =& JFactory::getUser();
$app      =& JFactory::getApplication();

// Keep MooTools on the back-end 
if ( $app->isSite() ) {

  $prohibited = array (

 foreach ($this->_scripts as $key => $value) {
  if( in_array($key, $prohibited ) ) {

You will find plug ins, buy even though you'll install another third party wordpress plugin, U ought to know that if some Mootool script is put into Joomla later on U will need to wait for a wordpress plugin to become up-to-date. With this particular code you've better controll, becouse all what U have to do is add the URI from the new script towards the '$prohibited' array.

You will find a few methods for carrying this out.

  1. There's a wordpress plugin, that we found here
  2. You are able to edit the core files, that you simply stated you don't want to complete. (I discovered helpful information regarding how to get it done here)

Why not use MooTools? It's the majority of the plug ins you could discover with jQuery, and also the code it comparable (as well as it's more effective)