I am while using jj-nextgen-jquery-carousel plugin for wordpress, the issue I am getting by using it would be that the slide carousel vanishes after i re-size the browser. I am unsure if this sounds like a jqueary problem, or maybe the wordpress plugin is conflicting using the Twenty Ten theme?

<div id="jcarousel" style="display:block; width:885px; height:75px;">
<?php echo do_shortcode('[jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id="carousel-test-two" skin_class="jcarousel-skin-property" gallery="3" width="162" height="75" visible="5" gap="21" scroll="1" auto="1"]'); ?>

This is the code I am using during my header.


This bug is recorded here: https://github.com/jsor/jcarousel/issues/64

You are able to fix this problem should you edit the jcarousel.js file directly as referred to in comment #11 from the bug.

Change line 287 out of this:

if (i + 1 < self.first) {

for this:

if (parseInt(jQuery(this).attr('jcarouselindex')) < self.first) {