I am carrying out a one page website in wordpress there I wish to display just one publish around the index page with a listing of the publish. For your I understand I'm able to alter the_content towards theclip informed.php. However when I click "Continue Reading through" I come to a different page which isn't things i want. I would like the div to slip lower and display the entire news around the page.

It is possible to method of doing that?

Thanks ahead of time

Easy solution ( not the very best ) :

Display the_excerpt() inside a visible div , display the_content() inside a hidden div , on "continue reading through" click ( using jquery ) togle animation .

I'd output both excerpt and also the content, each to the own div tag. Class them accordingly, and hide this content div.content inside your CSS file. Now, put a find out more link after both of these div's after which link a handler towards the find out more in which you hide the excerpt div.excerpt and show this content div.content in a single motion:

$("a.readmore").click(function () {
    // EDIT:
    return false; // this will stop default behaviour of jumping to the top of page for instance

Hope this puts you on the right track. Here my solution: http://jsfiddle.net/FANVp/6/. Like poelinca states, not the very best but it'll work.