I'm trying to utilize jQuery UI tabs in WordPress however i keep obtaining the "jQuery("#").tabs isn't a function" error.

I figured the tabs file is probably not loading but searching in firebug it shows it's loading. I'm also using modernizr and so i thought there can be a conflict with this but using jQuery.noConflict() didn't solve the issue either. In the beginning I made use of to load jQuery but for whatever reason it can't work. Now I simply connecting straight to the files and they're loading.

Whether it helps, I'm looking to get tabs employed by this tutorial. The web site I focusing on is lbk.newcoastmedia.com/wordpress

Thank you for any help!

I begin to see the following scripts being loaded in your page:



<script type="text/javascript"> 
    $("#photo-rotator").tabs({fx:{opacity: "toggle"}}).tabs("rotate", 4000);

$.tabs is definitely an extension of jQuery UI, and that i aren't seeing jQuery UI or the tabs extension loaded in your page. Consider the very bottom from the source at your link and you will begin to see the following two scripts, that we feel are what you are missing.


Your debugger is notifying you that $.tabs isn't a method since it really has not been defined yet.

Just had this issue on Drupal and resolved it by installing a custom build from the jQuery UI library WITH Tabs selected. Apparently the default jQuery UI library that shipped with Drupal did not have this module, so possibly this is the situation with Wordpress.