We'd a poor knowledge about a developer not adhering to timelines and what-not too we needed to drop them. That being stated, we are finishing the website by ourselves and just possess a couple of products left. Such as a JQuery based navigation toggle he made... it really works acceptable for the primary degree of products however when you enter into sub menu products, it stops while using appropriate CSS. I am thinking this can be a fundamental "add this to CSS" answer, but I am not experienced in CSS good enough to decipher it.

The CSS and things i think may be the JS calling it may be seen here: http://jsfiddle.net/C8vwJ/ The problem is visible here: (note the + "toggle open" graphic around the sub-item beneath "Outreach" is around the "Y" of "BeYond"... therefore it is not CSS'd right as it ought to be.

Any ideas? Thank you for searching.

Add this line to your CSS file.

.widget-area .current_page_item .page_item .toggle { right: 0; }

Trouble during these lines of css code - style.css line 1291:

.widget-area .current-menu-item .toggle, .widget-area .current_page_item .toggle {
    right: 10em;

Basically attempt to change this value both '+' link and '-' link moving. Attempt to brake these qualities. I attempted to complete

<div class="toggle" style="right: 0pt;"></div>

(this is often applied by classname, not inline css)