Right now I've got a website that grabs the 12 newest posts from the category, and shows them like a connect to their permalink, using the publish thumbnail image because the link image.

You can observe a functional example here: http://mathewhood.com/sitefiles/

What I wish to do, is in some way add functionality into my loop that will permit me to really make it to ensure that whenever you click one of these simple list elements, it'll display the_content() for every element.

I discovered this - http://gsgd.co.uk/sandbox/jquery/easing/ That We think may supply the functionality which i want (ideally jswing out and in), however i am battling at applying it! If anybody knows the way i could achieve this please answer this and receive your deserved and needed up-votes!

http://jsfiddle.net/XzJgU/ - Here's my current loop to date, any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Here's my means to fix your condition. I am giving a good example regarding how to implement jquery Reducing.

EDIT modified my publish, please View revised sample here Hope it will help.


    var $container = $('#theContainer').html(contents)

    $container.show().animate(, reducing: 'jswing').animate(, reducing: 'easeInOutCirc')

    $container.click(function(), reducing: 'easeInExpo')





Something of that nature should work - http://jsfiddle.net/XzJgU/5/. It renders this content for every publish informed, hidden automatically using CSS. Whenever a publish is clicked on, it moves its content to #displayed-publish, which makes it visible. When another publish is clicked on, its moves to its original container and also the new publish submissions are moved there.