I am using WordPress as my Content management systems and that i just downloaded a Lightbox wordpress plugin for any photo gallery on a single of my pages. It really works just how I would like it to, except to begin with.

After hitting a thumbnail to obtain the photo enlarged having a lightbox effect, I wish to have the ability to click a hyperlink to consider me towards the primary article where that picture comes from.

I have attempted a couple of ways however the problem which arises is the fact that I can not pass < ?php the_permalink() ?> via a JavaScript function. Wouldso would Time passes going to make this happen?

Because of anybody who are able to help!

The only method to get it done is possess the image link visit some inline content, which consists of the look covered with the this is actually the best way. The lightbox website may have good examples of connecting inline content, however for every image you will have to create the inline content, this is actually the restrictions of utilizing a wordpress plugin.

Basically were inside your footwear, I'd write a custom modal function, which may go ahead and take permalink from a characteristic from the image (rel, title, class) and display the bigger image from the permalink. Home theater system . will find a custom modal tutorial, but essentially you produce a box inside your css, that is set to show:not one, when your link(s) is/are clicked on, you utilize jQuery to append among the boxes to body, append your articles in to the box, then display it in the heart of the screen, using absolute positioning, and opaque to dull anything else.