Which means this question emerged today and that i did not possess a specific or scientific answer.

Do you know the costs connected with using jsf (or tomahawk, faclets, etc., etc.) tags instead of traditional html tags. My stomach reaction is you should use jsf tags in situations in which you require the additional functionality they offer, and employ traditional tags whenever you don't. Also I seem like jsf tags would require more assets (because the server needs to drive them and rerender them as html anyways) than html. Does anybody understand what the price really is (so far as some time and memory)? Also helpful details are what's the convention that's being used, pure jsf or a combination of the 2?

Sure there's an expense. Whether that's noticeable or minimal is dependent around the hardware and also the load from the server under consideration. Profile it and upgrade the server if required.

You need to however understand that however it will save you some time and cost in comparison to applying exactly the same without assistance of an element based MVC framework. That will be lots of boilerplate code gathering the paramters, doing validations, conversions, upgrading model values that is possibly not written efficient as in comparison to existing and broadly used MVC frameworks.

The Sun's Rays JSF team of developers puts performance as high priority and Mojarra has already been enhanced whenever possible.

A JSF page will get put together upon first request (or pre-put together should you specify that within the config). Thus, it isn't such as the page must be parsed each time it's asked for. I haven't any specific amounts relevant to time/cpu/memory cost, but I am sure it's minimal.

Our website http://www.skill-guru.com operates on JSF/ Tomahawk / Wealthy faces on the tomcat server. We don't use whatever speed issues here. As Shaun stated , everything will get put together so there's very little noticeable difference until and unless of course you actually use an excessive amount of wealthy faces or any other fancy stuff. JSF does help you produce your existence easy.