I lately designed a website using WordPress along with a custom theme. There's one strange glitch which has been disturbing me, and because of my limited CSS understanding I have been itching my mind.

If put forth the house page http://wpwallpaper.com/, you can observe that around the right side there's a sidebar with groups (Abstract Vibrant, Dark, Sexy) as well as an "Advertise Here" block. It's exhibiting properly. However, should you click among the images around the top of the page, say, that one: http://wpwallpaper.com/dark/bluedroid/ You will see that the best side bar is finished...rather it's wrapped around and showing up at the end from the page!

I have used the Chrome developer tool to fool around using the CSS but with no success. I essentially want the sidebar to return to the best side rather than at the end.

Any assistance is appreciated!

This div <div class="wrapper" id='wrapper_main'> doesn't have closing tag </div> Add it and all sorts of is going to be remedied

The missing </div> ought to be added before

<div class="wrapper fullwidth" id='wrapper_footer'>

Check or missing HTML tags(closing)

And appearance div for height and connect the width of right and left div

There have been some incorrect code during my single.php file within the theme...I said the code and all sorts of was working well!