At this time, after i produce a media item, I'm able to notice as admin by studying the Media then hitting view, eventually I finish up at [mysite]/blog/?attachment_id=31 the industry nice reduced version from the image (which may be clicked on to look large), and that has the excellent feature that there's a location to depart comments at the end.

This really is great - for managers. However I want anonymous customers to have the ability to take a look at 5 different, fairly similar images, making comments around the pages individually. So I would like for that anonymous customers who navigate to [mysite]/blog/?attachment_id=31 to obtain the same page the actual way it looks to admins. However when likely to that URL being an anonymous user, I recieve "Sorry, no posts matched up your criteria" rather than the look with comment form.

So, how do i enable this permission for anonymous customers? If this isn't possible, please rephrase the question as, "What's the easiest method to use Wordpress to obtain a couple of anonymous individuals to election on 5 different designs also to have the ability to discuss all of them individually, like me attempting to do at ? (None of those are public Web addresses, do not connect to them.)

Should i produce a page for every of individuals separate designs after which use HTML to connect to the variously-sized versions from the images?

Thanks greatly.

When adding a picture towards the publish make certain that "attachment page" is checked rather than "image file" This will fix your condition. See: