I am searching at beginning a medium traffic site the very first time. While I have got lots of knowledge about web programming and the like, I have never really handled and taken care of a website on my own that got greater than a approximately 200 sights and so i have no clue just how much this will cost (Let me avoid advertisements in the beginning). I have looked and researched a great deal however it has not really assisted.

I am using Ruby on Rails so I am searching at cloud hosting companies like Heroku and much more traditional ones just like a A Little Orange.

Reasonably, I believe we ought to get 10k approximately unique site visitors within the first month. I believe this will translate to something similar to 50-100k sights. We provide an essential service, however it does not require lots of pages to make use of. In addition, we are fairly low bandwidth, we do not deliver lots of images and our response occasions in your area are great.

Presuming my traffic estimations are correct (you can explain any naivety inside them though I'd enjoy an response to the primary question), generally just how much should we count on paying for hosting?

More particularly, basically were using Heroku, what kind of configuration could be acceptable? I had been thinking beginning served by an easy shared DB and 1 dyno and employ a dynoscaling application to scale to for the most part 3 dynos at very peak occasions. Does that seem realistic? Just how much traffic can basics heroku installation with only 1 dyno handle?