I've created a WordPress wordpress plugin and that i got an e-mail from an individual who needs some custom remaking. He requests per hour rate, but I am accustomed to charge per work, not per hrs.

The personalization is going to be built-into the wordpress plugin for everybody else to make use of, since its GPL code. But it is a personalization I wasn't likely to develop, and so i should charge for this.

My real question is: just how much? I understand I'm able to result in the personalization throughout my spare time, within a couple of days, not quite conscious of the number of hrs that might be.

Just how much do you experience feeling your spare time may be worth? Basically would pay provide you with $100/hr to behave, can you drop anything you used to do and get it done for me personally? What about $50/hr? or $25/hr?

Just keep decreasing the number inside your mind before you seem like you may have better things related to your time and effort, and that is your main point here. Avoid the job for just about any under that.