I've got a cheap hosting that is shared plan with Reliablesite.internet ($5/month).

I have been creating a small site I wish to start marketing inside a couple of days and that i would roadtest it by hosting it using the shared plan I curently have.

My problem is the fact that I'm not sure when I ought to start clustered hosting / devoted hosting.


  • What pageviews / day can a hosting that is shared plan be anticipated to handle?
  • So what can standard shared database servers take without choking up or me getting rude emails from my hosting provider?

In my opinion, hosting that is shared atmosphere like Reliablesite.com may take around 10-20 000 unique customers daily, or 100-200 000 pageviews/day. That number can differ, based on your website. For optimisation, You should reduce quantity of db queries (i ensure that it stays max 6-7 per page render), and become careful when programming. Using ASP.Internet MVC gave nice perf improvement for me personally, but good written webforms application are capable of doing equally well .. If you work with another tech stack, like PHP/MySQL, i'm not sure the amounts.
Whenever you exceed individuals amounts, you'll have enough money from let's consider google adsense to choose VPS or devoted plan.

Simply to add something regarding page render / db queries performance: using multiple resultset sproc or totally fantastic way to reduce quantity of db demands!

It might be recommended that you request your provider these questions. Every provider will probably be different.

Generally what goes on would be that the provider are designed for the demands, but they'll simply shut lower your website once it reaches a particular threshold.

Additionally, it is dependent on the quantity of bandwidth you've elected for. Just how much traffic have you been expecting. My blog is within a hosting that is shared and and when 4k was my maximum per day and that i dint feel any difference within the performance. Do not worry unless of course your website seems in-front page of digg or some high traffic websites connect to you site.

Traffic usially isn't a problem on hosting that is shared. The only issue you might encounter is RAM and CPU limitations. But when the application written properly it might operate well with one of these restrictions.


  • user memory profiler to debug and optimize your internet application
  • use CDN for storing media files

If you want some amounts, a correctly written web application designed to use CDN for storing media files could handle a minimum of 10k unique site visitors daily on the hosting that is shared.

I've been using mysql on hosting that is shared for some time mainly on educational websites which have become for the most part 300 visits daily. What I've discovered would be that the hosting was barely sufficient to aid a lot more than three or four people online previously without them almost crashes.

Theoretically i believe hosting that is shared with many services could support about about 60 customers each hour max effectively in case your customers all came a couple of at any given time. This could equal to about about 1500 customers in a single day. This really is highly unlikely however because a lot of customers are usually online at certain occasions during the day so you need to toss in the truth that shared servers get sloppy alot because of abuse from others about the server.

I've been told by reliable sources that some vps hosting thats 40-50 dollars monthly have supported 500,000 hits monthly. I am unsure exactly what the websites designs were though, i doubt the websites went many dynamic db queries or even were simply static.

Another factor that's common on hosting that is shared is splitting up the file managers using the database hosting. Sometimes your files is going to do well showing up online however the database that runs your actual website is going to be lagging very because of abuse out of your neighbors.

I would recommend making certain that the application is prepared for big levels of traffic, even when you are well on an excellent duper webserver, your application is badly written, you'll loose prospects. A few of the simplest optimizations that you can do for an existing web application would be to reduce the amount of DB connections, so educate yourself on caching and partial caching.

Short answer: Do not worry about traffic. Untill nobody will digg your website you are safe.