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mentioned that the $5/mo hosting that is shared account on Reliablesite.internet supports 10,000 - 20,000 unique customers/day and 100,000 - 200,000 pageviews/day. That appears awfully high for any $5/mo account. And another person explained it is under that. What's your experience?

I've got a site depending on Python, Django, MySQL/Postgresql. It does not have video or any other bandwidth heavy elements, however the whole website is dynamic, each page takes about 5-10 DB query, 90% reads, 10% creates.

Reliablesite.internet is definitely an ASP.Internet webhost. Any Python/Light hosting firm that may support 100-200,000 pageviews on the hosting that is shared account? Otherwise, what type of amounts am I searching at? Any suggestions permanently hosting firms?


100,000 - 200,000 pageviews/day is normally 2 pageviews/s, for the most part you will get 10-20 pageviews/s throughout busy hrs. That isn't a great deal to handle, particularly if you have caching.

Anyways, I'd choose VPS. The issue with shared server is you can don't know the pattern useful another ppl have.

Webfaction hosting hosts nearly 10 sites of ours handling over 10k customers every day, easily. I'm also told that Slicehost is equally as good.

Webfaction and Slicehost are frequently looked up to for mod_wsgi python hosting, that is fast-becoming the most well-liked method to host django applications.

These hosts appear to become on the slightly greater side from the charges/month nevertheless its worthwhile, because they are reliable.

In case your application is enhanced, you hosting that is shared account are designed for 10k unique site visitors daily.

You'll find an excellent hosting to your requirements at WFT (WebHostingTalk)

Among the greatest hosting provider is GoDaddy (I Suggest IT). Their hosting that is shared plan with Python begins from $7/month. Together you are able to host multiple websites on a single account without extra charge.

http://world wide

As well as have a look only at that offer: http://mediatemple.internet/webhosting/gs/features/

(mt) MediaTemplate company isn't that large as GoDaddy but can also be up to date. Reliable.internet is simply too small.

So, here suggested choices are:

I am with and so you could have an limitless quantity of sites on a single hosting plan but they're restricted to 100 unique customers. Which means that it does not matter for those who have 1 website or 1000 websites in your hosting plan, you are able to have only 100 site visitors simultaneously throughout all your sites combined. Some site visitors could leave plus some brand new ones can arrive but only ever 100 at any given time in your GoDaddy hosting plan. I've 10 sites myself therefore if I've 100 site visitors to http://world wide then none of my other sites could possibly get any traffic until someone leaves! this stinks! if anybody knows of the better spot to host please publish a hyperlink within the comments.

Most hosts support multiple sites without extra charge. Don't pick GoDaddy due to that. I not used at all GoDaddy hosting, but utilize them for domain registration, plus they are absolutely terrible. Terrible UI, terrible performance. I'd never have confidence in them to host an internet site. The only real reason I utilize them for domain registration is they appear to become the least expensive option.

For shared website hosting, especially Python/Django, I suggest WEBFACTION.