Attempting to learning more PHP. Here's what I am after.

Basically, I must search an internet site and return data to my very own website.

  1. Give a couple of key phrases to some form.
  2. Use individuals key phrases to question an internet site for example for results that match the key phrases joined.
  3. Grab that data and give it back to my very own website.

How hard is one thing such as this? I acknowledge the above mentioned outline is oversimplified but any tips you are able to offer tend to be appreciated.


If you are querying a website which has an API designated with this type of functionality, you are on easy street. Just call the API's appropriate search function and you are ready.

When the site you are querying does not come with an API, you'll still might have the ability to search the website by having an HTTP GET while using right parameters. Then you need to simply scrape with the apply for the search engine results together with your script along with a couple of regex functions.

Here is a little tutorial on screen scraping with PHP. Hopefully that'll be of outside assistance for you. The problem with this particular is the fact that generally when the site has not managed to get easily accessible their data, they may not need you to get this done.

Enter Yahoo Query Language (yql). It is a service that let us you utilize such things as xpath to obtain data from websites and set them into a user friendly xml or json format. The word what is similarly structured to sql (hence the title).

I have tried on the extender for other sites to construct nourishes for sites that did not get it also it was pretty simple to learn.