I required a glance using blogging services and Blogger, and have terrible support to source code posting. The very best one on that aspect is Wordpress, that have a 'code' tag that apparently only changes the font, getting rid of any indentations within the code. I'm wondering if there's another blog hosting service with better support to code posting.

Wordpress.com has native support for code hightlighting:


You should use Syntaxhighlighter is a great JavaScript library for syntax highlighting and you will run it everywhere....

HTML has got the <pre> tag meaning "preformatted"...

This website: http://wj32.wordpress.com/2007/12/08/prime-factorization-sieve-of-eratosthenes/ uses wordpress, however it has codehighlighting, so it ought to be possible to obtain that.

I am while using wordpress-syntax wordpress plugin for wordpress that is maintaining the indentation, you can observe an implementation from it here: http://unkwndesign.com/blog/?p=13

Use Live Author with any blog service. You are able to install plug-inches for source code formatting. They work very well and correctly highlight syntaxes and format the code.