I am searching to deploy a brand new Ruby on Rails project I am focusing on but need hosting. A handled server is overkill for me personally. I simply need shared space. Let me opt for something that is an expert in Ruby on Rails.

I have checked out SpeedyRails and RailsPlayground plus they both appear to possess benefits and drawbacks. Does anybody have knowledge about either? Does anybody possess a different recommendation?

I personally use http://slicehost.com for just two years. I have only had couple of minor issues for the reason that period.

I personally use linode.com for my hosting. You receive your personal virtual server with SSH access and may configure in whatever way you would like.

I personally use Dreamhost. I've been together for age range, but for the money they've an awesome service. They've lately gone to live in Phusion Passenger, and also the Rails support is just like you'll find outdoors of somebody like EngineYard. Generally, I've usedthem mostly for staging and acceptance testing as well as for my own projects. They've been so solid I lately began with them for many of my client's production sites too.

I additionally use Slicehost for many sites which have more specific needs. Again, great affordability, but you will have to be comfy establishing your personal server. They are doing possess some great lessons that step you thru all you need.

For many of my clients, who require an Australian-based hosting provider, I've got a VPS with Internet Logistics.

Update 23/04/2010

A great deal has transformed because this publish was produced.

Nowadays I'm using Heroku its my development and staging. I additionally have several production systems running onto it for clients.

I had been formerly using Dreamhost, but I've discovered the free Heroku service works much better than a Rails application on the shared Dreamhost account. Also, Heroku has far better availability and incredible support for Rails - deployment is trivial.

I requested the exact same question over here.

I wound up choosing Dreamhost. I have been implementing without any problems using Phusion Passenger and Capistrano. I acquired an agenda for $70 for any year including limitless band width and disk space included in a unique. Unsure if you're able to still got the limitless deal though. To research the internet for any promotion code.

Additionally you get limitless MySQL databases, Subversion and SSH access (among a lot of other things.) I certainly recommend them.

EDIT: I registered 6 days ago and also got the limitless data/bandwidth included in their eleventh anniversary special. The very first 1,111 customers to register got the limitless data/bandwidth. After I registered the page stated under 30 spots continued to be. Still it states that. Unsure things to model of it but - could be qualified for this.

Slicehost if you prefer a cheap VPS you have full treatments for. Install Apache with Phusion Passenger to have an quick &lifier easy Rails setup.

We use EngineYard, and when you really can afford them their support is the greatest I have experienced.

Slicehost just received bought by rackspace. I personally use Slicehost and they've been great to date. You never know what changes are coming though?

I have used Slicehost for any couple of years, and I am impressed using what they provide, if however your internet site is targetting United kingdom customers, then I'd have a look at BrightBox.

The technical documentation for Slicehost are available here: Slicehost Article Repository

This can be a great resource even when you're considering another alternative.