i wish to use keep-alive feature of apache how do i use by using my host (.htaccess) and what ought to be the best values for that parameters like KeepAliveTimeout


you cannot control keep-alive behavior inshtaccess

It greatly is dependent in your site and the quantity of traffic it receives. If your user involves your website, then clicks right through to another page inside the KeepAliveTimeout setting (default is 15), a brand new TCP doesn't have to become produced. This can certainly help with overhead.

However, any Apache processes which are presently tangled up w/ existing site visitors won't have the ability to speak with they. So you might want to boost the final amount of Apache processes that are offered.

In a nutshell... it takes fine-tuning.

You cannot control keepalive behavior within an .htaccess. Keepalives really are a host-level feature, not just one where different sites can behave in a different way with respect to the per-directory htaccess info.

If you're around the type of fundamental hosting that is shared that only provides you with .htaccess to configure your sites, you cannot alter the keepalive configurations. Most probably the webhost may have set them properly, or simply left them around the default configurations, that are usually fine.