I've got a page on the server in a remote location that only shows if it's utilized internally.

Heres how it operates, the page includes a button and a listing of files, once the button is clicked on the script produces a csv file from various database tables and creates it to some folder around the server. The page then refreshes using the new file within the list.

Around the server this really is fine however when I access the website externally I've the next problem:

Clicking the button causes the script to operate, to date so great. The page is blank on refresh. The origin for that page however, is similar to that particular from the page source when loaded properly around the server. The file is produced therefore it can not be a folder permissions factor.

Any ideas? Also, first publish.

Edit I can not provide you with any code, it's work related and that we don't share. edit2 this is because far because it will get: function titleBar_Dis

edit3 Just just in case anybody continues to be reading through this. Thanks everybody (unless of course you downvoted me, by which situation :p..) It seems that this can be a network problem and never a code problem.

Thank you for posting ... it can help a great deal should you edit the publish with a few examples of the code you've attempted. Sometimes other SO'er can place issues that you did not notice.

My first guess is your Javascript references internal Web addresses (e.g http://our-server.internal/lan) that do not work properly when you are being able to access them from outdoors.

But, that's only a shot at nighttime according to your description. Seeing some code will make mtss is a lot simpler.

You haven't provided us with much to take.

I recommend using Fiddler to see the demands both occasions. Hopefully you will notice different things.

Otherwise performs this happen in most browsers or perhaps is it a browser specific factor?

The Page's body might be hidden using JavaScript, look into the incorporated scripts, or remove all scripts in the page that's blank. The page might give errors later on, but a minimum of then you've some direction