It is possible to known problem resulting in file modification occasions of cache files on Home windows XP SP 3 getting randomly up-to-date, but with no actual change?

Can there be some service on the standard Home windows XP - Backup, Sync, Versioning, Virus scanner - recognized to touch files? Every one has a .txt extension.

If there is not, no way. Then I am getting a problem during my cache programs, and I'll debug all things in.


I am creating a simple caching wrapper around a sluggish site on the Home windows server.

I'm evaluating the filemtime() time stamp with a posts within the database to find out whether a cached file is stale.

I am getting problems that way since the modification duration of the cache files appears to obtain up-to-date among procedures without me doing anything. THis leads to stale files being displayed.

I am the only real user around the machine. The operating-system is Home windows XP, the webserver a XAMPP Apache 2 with PHP 5.2

The only real mtime problem I'm able to think about may be the dreaded DST bug. It does not seem that can compare with what you are getting though.

Certainly you will find other Home windows tools that may modify personal files behind your back, but typically it's user-level things like WMP messing using the ID3 tags, or dodgy Audio-video... nothing I'd be prepared to be touching your cache files.

(Maybe you could attempt an equality comparison of mtimes instead of greater-than/less-than, only while using cache if there's a precise match? This a minimum of implies that if some anti-social bleeder is touching files it'll just slow you lower a little, rather than causing you to serve stale files. FWIW this is exactly what Python does using its bytecode cache.)

You can setup logging* around the machine to discover what's altering your files. Out of your description I take this occurs frequently, so you may find ProcessMonitor (german) to become a better solution for monitoring.

* I believe you are able to setup logging with on-board tools too, simply not sure any longer how