I've got a strange trouble with kohana - redirects aren't working. They are doing operate in localhost and within the two hostings I personally use, but they are not effective within the second one. After I execute Request::current()->redirect('admin/inquiries') or $this->request->redirect('admin/inquiries'), all I recieve is really a whitened, empty page (no errors).

Things I echo prior to the redirect is proven for the reason that page, but what goes following the redirect is not. The apache and kohana error logs are empty (aside from some irrelevant errors which i got earlier today). PHP version is 5.2.13 and I am using Kohana v.

Some tips about what I've:

<---------------- remotes/admin.php ---------------->

class Controller_Admin stretches Controller queries/page/')


<---------------- remotes/admin/session.php ---------------->

class Controller_Admin_Session stretches Controller_Admin Publish['submit']))

        Publish data yet since it is only a test

            Session::instance()->set('username', 'SomeUsername')

            //echo 'This is shown'



            // echo 'This isn't shown'




What is the issue and just how can one repair it?

  1. Profile the Response::send_headers() method
  2. Chek headers sent by server (look comment for your question)

The whitened page is most likely because you've got no error confirming around the live site.

You shouldn't output ANY content before carrying out a redirect.

Perhaps you have set the right base url and index file inside your bootstrap.php?