My system was pointed out within this question:

Best index strategies for read-only table?

since the information is readonly, as well as in specific time, part of data (50-200k rows, about 200 byte/each) is intensively queried, and so i think permitting client for connecting to database and query each row/totally far too costly. It might be a better option basically cache a part of data (that is being intensively queried) into RAM, that is considerably faster than SQL Server.

The issue is, the machine I am presently focusing on is really a webservice, so I am unsure it enables large static data to become cached. Is my idea the ideal choice? How my data can "survive" when IIS recycle?

Thanks greatly.

Load the information into RAM on Application_Start event. Then you don't have to be worried about IIS restart

Here's an MS guide about Caching Data at Application Startup