Hulu, Twitter, Techcrunch, etc are designed in Ruby.
Yahoo, Facebook, and a lot of large internet sites are designed in PHP.

But what exactly are some large top-title enterprise sites designed in Python?

I will spend time trading either in Python (w/ Django) or Ruby (w/ Rails) to produce a data-intensive web application which has a personalization/recommendation tool (much like Amazon . com).

From a PHP background (OOP, Zend Framework), which might be best?

YouTube and Reddit both of them are, In my opinion. Oh, and Jaiku uses Twisted, and so i assume the relaxation from it is within Python too.

What facet of "large" do you enjoy?

  • Scaling - either of Python/Django or Ruby/Rails will likely handle any kind of traffic you are likely to throw in internet marketing.

  • Large code base - similar maintainability between RoR and Django. It comes down lower to non-public preference (I favor Python)

  • Support and community - both RoR and Django have large, active, useful towns. Neither 're going away, both of them are healthy and growing, utilized by both small and big organizations.

I do not think you will find the "large site" aspect to become a particularly useful determinant of the items you utilize. Both are simple to get have a look and find out what feels natural for you. I attempted both, loved both initially, but wound up strongly choosing Django.

An enormous chunk of Google's website is implemented in Python.

We're using Django on Noovo, presently about 50k lines of code. I'd choose basically needed to try it again. We do recommendations etc.

Btw, you will not allow it to be without unit tests, and so do everything covered from the beginning.

Django can be used to operate a multitude of sites. You can observe all of the people that are registered at world wide Since Django was created from designers working in news reports industry, you will find that many news organizations have rapidly accepted it.

However, as djangosites demonstrates, it has been employed for from personal blogs, to photo discussing sites, to internet sites (Cloud27 was particularly built to demonstrate the Pinax social media suite). Pownce, a social networking based on music and file discussing, was written using Django, nevertheless its designers needed to close their doorways once they were hired elsewhere.

It is also worth observing the Google Application Engine uses Django's template language. Not particularly Python, but heavily affected with a Python framework.

As Autoplectic stated, Reddit was rewritten from Lisp to Python.
HereIs the tale.

Chesspark is yet another personal favorite.
See Chesspark Design Particulars Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

It appears like Google help files are in Python.


Begin to see the This is a Python script.

(Unless of course obviously they did something abnormal using the .py extension... However I doubt it.)

Also, see for Youtube architecture as well as their utilization of Python.