A couple of individuals have discussed it, but no-one seems to possess outright requested it. I am attempting to provide custom use of the hyperlink list within the sidebar of the template for any client. There appears to be really little customisation from the layout from the link list element. For example, Let me show the title prior to the image and wrap the entire lot (title, image and outline) within the anchor.

I have just began having fun with the functions.php file, but can't appear to operate that one out. Anybody possess a sample function I possibly could use with this?



Should you mean the bookmark list?

You call in to the filter with e.g.:

add_filter($this->_filter, array($this,'ReplaceAll'), 9);  (in a class)


add_filter('some_filter', 'ReplaceAll', 9); (not in a class)

Where $this-filter is the filter e.g. 'bookmark_list' and 'ReplaceAll' may be the function you'll write. See: http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference and appearance the chapter "blogroll filters" for many available filters.

after that you can write your function 'ReplaceAll' like usual e.g.

function ReplaceAll($something_that_comes_in_from_the_filter)
    // do stuff e.g. $something_that_comes_in_from_the_filter =  
$something_that_comes_in_from_the_filter . ' hello world';

    return $something_that_comes_in_from_the_filter;

When it comes to funtionality within that function you are able to define e.g. a normal expression:

const HTML_REF_REGEX2 = '/<a(.*?)href=[\'"](.*?)[\'"](.*?)>(.*?)<\\/a>/i';

after which reshuffle the various components using the matches e.g.:

return '<a' . $arrUrlMatches[1] . 'href="' . $arrUrlMatches[2]
. '"' . $arrUrlMatches[3] .'>' . 'hello world'.  $arrUrlMatches[4] . '</a>';

(See: http://php.net/manual/en/function.preg-match.php based on how that actually works)

So for the reason that method for you to allow it to be look in whatever way you would like.