Lengthy story short, I have to get up to date with Joomla fast. I have only a few days ago to achieve that which means about 12 hrs of your time. At this time I can just learn that Joomla is definitely an free Content management systems designed in PHP. An amount be the easiest method to acquaint myself with Joomla within this almost no time? Official documentation? Videos? Books?

My background: I believe I've got a fairly decent understanding of PHP and I am presently learning CodeIgniter while creating a simple webapp by using it.

I had been inside a similar situation. I bought "Joomla! A User's Guide: Creating a Effective Joomla! Powered Website" by Barrie M. North. It was large help.

Next, I'd begin with a few great Joomla templates which were produced by others. I love to study from example, here would be the good good examples I'd recommend.

  1. Beez: is really a free XHTML/CSS template that accompany Joomla. Automatically, Joomla uses TABLES for a lot of of their modules and components. Fortunately, Joomla Overrides allow you to, well, override individuals ugly results with cleaner markup. Beez will highlight how to achieve that and it is even sufficiently good to function as your base.

  2. Compass Designs: is the house of Barrie North, it I suggested. He's several free templates and lessons.

  3. YOOtheme: Can cost you something, but you're going to get both good example templates plus some handy AJAX tools for Joomla Extensions.

I would suggest this e-book from general observations.

Listed here are more assets:

Best Of Luck!

Since you don't have a magazine yet and also you mustn't loose time Google this "Joomla Ramp UpInch and you will look for a couple of interesting links.

Also, this is a Joomla Ramp Up, in PDF format, from Joomla site, that you could start reading through immediately.

You will find lots of "free" books on the internet Books with a lot of information!

Joomla creating a Effective Site / Joomla visual Quickstart .. check it out on your own Google Books Joomla

If you want to do templates have understand this publish and my answer.
How must i start writing a Joomla! template?

Serta Rahmel's Professional Joomla is easily the most informative book on Joomla. It assisted me to understand Joomla template creation. All good examples within the book connect with Joomla 1.5.