I'm considering beginning to understand Joomla 1.7 try not to know where to start.

I'm thinking about understanding how to create blogs, e-commerce websites, forums along with other kind of websites. I understand that there's most likely lots of learning involved however i am prepared to commit.

I ought to also point out that my understanding begins at XHTMLCSS and finishes in JavascriptjQuery (and a little of Java as much as Swing), however I have not done any PHP/MySql programming.

Should i learn PHP and MySql before learning Joomla or I'm able to start learning it now?

Basically don't have to learn PHP and MySql first what book/tutorial/video tutorial can you recommend for somebody who not used at all a Content management systems before and need to learn it to the full extent?

The state documentation is fairly good and so i suggest your beginning point ought to be here. Because the documentation also indicates you need to install XAMPP to be able to operate a local Joomla site for experimentation. XAMPP can get taken care of setting up/setting up httpd, establishing PHP and MySQL.

I have put several Joomla sites together and that i can promise you don't have to know PHP/MySQL to place something good together.

I second the recommendations from the official documentation. http://docs.joomla.org/ overall an incredible resource, even though wiki format could make navigation tricky. I suggest searching for and clicking the 'Category' links under any article - and/or clicking the rear button when you have finished reading through a webpage to return to the course listing.

Free of charge documentation I'd recommend Hagen Graf's 'books' available as free downloads from:

For the Joomla 1.6 version: http://cocoate.com/joomla-16-english

For the Joomla 1.7 version http://cocoate.com/2011/07/joomla-17-beginners-guide

You will find other helpful websites for understanding how to use Joomla:





I have incorporated the 1.6 documentation for anybody available who's by using their particular version, but there's pointless to stay with 1.6 because it is no more supported.

Presentations by Jen Kramer: http://www.slideshare.net/jen4web

Presentations but John Teeman: http://www.slideshare.net/brianteeman

You will find a number of other helpful assets too - I'll most likely go back to this publish and add more assets later.