Im presently a C# developer having a couple of many years of experiance building websites with IIS/.internet.

I wish to perform a pet project using Python/Apache/Linux.

Can anybody recomend some assets that helped me to get free programming? Particularly my understanding of Apache and linux server administration is extremely low. Establishing Apache and setting it up to utilize Python appears daunting.

Several helpful links from me :

1) Building LAMP (skip the PHP part)

2) Setup Python on Linux

3) Embedding Apache2 and Python

4) Installing Django on Ubuntu

5) Suggested: Official Django Complete Setup Guide

A great resource for python learning are Google Lectures (link), also about Apache you should think about the state apache docs (there's very difficult way). You need to search for CGI, because it is a good starting point web application programming.

Update: As recommended below, for additional serious web programming you need to search for WSGI, which it is a more contemporary standard. While, it's pretty simple to learn WSGI if a person knows CGI.

The state Django Tutorial: is possibly among the best resource to get up on and on.

To operate a production web application, there is no need to understand the particulars of Apache/nginx etc. You will find lots of cloud hosting companies that simply take your code on commit and also have it used instantly. You might want to refer, or many similar hosting companies.