I've got a Pylons application that I am trying to setup using Apache and FCGI. The Pylons INI file has this inside it:

use = egg:Flup#fcgi_thread
host =
port = 40100

This accustomed to focus on a classic CentOS server with Pylons .9.7, however I am attempting to place it on a replacement, running Ubuntu 10.04 and Pylons 1.. I'm able to connect with the application and load primary page, but it is very slow. After that it makes AJAX demands and also the HTTP reactions to individuals are screwed up: sometimes I'll get 1 / 2 of the response text (eg. half a GUID the server sent), in other cases you will see HTTP headers and binary junk in your body from the response. Each fact is also postponed by about just a few seconds. The application works fine on a single server when utilizing Paster directly.

I have never witnessed anything such as this before. Any idea what's happening?

Just in case other people incurs this, turning from the gzip module in Apache fixed the issue. I still have no idea why it happened.