I've some MS Access experience, coupled with a category on console c++ applications, now i'm attempting to develop my first program. It is a little C# db application. I've the db tables and posts planned and keyed into Versus, but that is where I am stuck. I am requiring C#/Versus lessons which will guide me on setting up associations, datatyping, etc, around the db in order to have it ready for testing from the schema.

The only real lessons I have been capable of finding either discuss general db fundamentals (ie, not helping me with Versus/C#), or about C# communications by having an existing SQL db.


(Just in case it matters, I am while using free System.Data.SQLite (sqlite.phxsoftware.com) for that db. I selected it over SQL Server CE having seen an evaluation between your two. Also I needed a server-less version of SQL as this little application is going to be on other individuals computer systems and I wish to to complete very little support as you possibly can.)

SQL Server Compact - I'd start with SQL Server Compact as my database. SQL Server CE ought to be the simplest to create with Visual Studio. Do A Google Search for "SQL Server Compact Tutorial". You will find a number of.

I ought to mention SQL Server Compact Edition is really a zero-install, single-file database like SQLite. When you are a Microsoft technology you will not have to determine SQLite.Internet or SQLite itself to obtain began. As well as your query abilities will migrate to SQL Server Express and SQL Server Standard.

Beginning ASP.Net Databases - Then I'd opt for a bestseller. You will find lots of lessons, however i think a well crafted beginners book is generally the easiest method to go.

Things I usually do when I have to become familiar with a new technology is to locate a project Let me apply it and then try to build that. I Quickly research any problems that I encounter.

Tell me for those who have any sort of questions.

This man's stuff is extremely well described, particularly when it involves comprehending the whole connection, dataset, data adapter etc. stuff.


This is the first vid of 5, and she has another good videos too. It's completed in Versus and C# with SQL.