Customers of my application have to have the ability to schedule certain task to operate at certain occasions (e.g. once only, every every minute, every hour, etc.). My plan's to possess a cron operate a script every minute to determine the application to ascertain if it's tasks to complete. If that's the case, then execute the duties.


  1. May be the running of cron every minute advisable?
  2. How do you model within the database times like cron does (e.g. every minute, ever fifth minute of each and every hour, etc.)?

I am using Light.

Or, instead of doing any, you realize, real work, simply create an interface for that customers, after which publish records in cron! Instead of getting cron phone you every minute, get it call scripts as directed through the customers. Once they add or change jobs, rewrite the crontab.

No large deal.

In unix, cron enables each user (unix login that's) to obtain their own crontab, so that you can have one devoted for your application, do not have to make use of the root crontab with this.

Would you mean that you've a number of user-defined jobs that require performed in user-defined times, and you want to have cron facilitate the processing of individuals jobs? If that's the case, you would possess a database with a minimum of 2 fields: JOB, Frequently

where Frequently is when frequently they'd such as the job to operate, using syntax much like CRON.

you'd then have to write a script (in python, ruby, or some similar language) to parse that data. this script could be what runs every one minute via your actual cron.

have a look at this StackOverflow question, and this StackOverflow question, concerning how to parse crontab data via python.