I have installed Light Server on my small Ubuntu machine and am attempting to connect with an online database. Based on an atmosphere variable (defined inshtaccess) I connect with different databases, for whatever reason my php script can't browse the env variable. Below is my code. Below may be the DB connect code

if ($_SERVER["HTTP_ENVIRONMENT"] == "dev")
  $database = "XXX";
  $con = mysql_connect(<database1>,<user1>,<pwd1>);
else if($_SERVER["HTTP_ENVIRONMENT"] == "prod")
  $database = "YYY";
  $con = mysql_connect(<database2>,<user2>,<pwd2>);
if (!$con)
  echo('Could not connect: ' .$database);

@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");

Here are the items in my .htaccess file

DirectoryIndex display_list_of_stores.php SetEnv PHPRC php.ini SetEnv HTTP_Atmosphere "dev".

Within the server log I see a mistake Undefined index HTTP_Atmosphere. Shall We Be Held missing some module or something like that?