I have to use light-weight database because i've limited resource for application.

So i am searching an easy-weight database that we may use with C++, that is simple to manage, fast to retrieve data and melts away limited quantity of resource.

I have discovered SqlLite online. Before i begin to implement my project, i wish to get the recommendation about this subject.

Any help is going to be appreciated.

You've already find the best choice for me: SQLite.

You can technically use something even lighter like common file system with random file access. However, you will miss two tips:

  1. Easy development of indexes in your data
  2. An incredible language to obtain and manipulate data: SQL

SQLite is only going to add a few kilobytes for your executable and it is pretty lightweight. Plus, its API is comparatively simple to use.

SQLite is certainly among the best options, specifically if you want proper SQL support. For more compact things, Berkeley DB may be price of consider.

Both SQLite and BerkleyDB are great, but they're still overcomplicated for rather easy tasks. In case your "database" includes two tables of 1000 records each, nothing can beat mundane binary file and check optimizations.

Firebird with IBPP motorists can get the job done

The embedded version is definitely an amazing variation from the server. It's a fully featured Firebird server packed in only a couple of files. It's very simple to deploy, since there's you don't need to install the server