Without doubt Apache is easily the most popular web server to make use of with PHP and certainly it really works great. However I am curious to be aware what are advantages (if any) to make use of Lighttpd rather than Apache. Thanks.

They're saying to scale better his or her primary advantage http://www.lighttpd.net/benchmark/

Theoretically, due to a more compact footprint Lighttpd should allow more customers to go to site simultaneously using the identical assets as Apache would.

As example (simply to prove the purpose, this isn't the actual amounts) On a single hardware Apache allows 100 customers to see your page simultaneously, while Lighttpd allows 150.

Lighttpd also offers another plan of mapping processes, therefore it would serve better when the amount of site visitors is spiking.

Every server, and web page is written in a different way, so it's very difficult to predict how all these servers would perform on : a) your particular hardware, it's good to make contact with your webhost and request the things they advice to make use of on their own hardware b) your software, Plesk of CPanel would perform in a different way than clean Apache of Lighttpd installation c) Your website content, site with many different pictures has different fingerprint than server which serves video. d) Your processor cores