presently my wordpress theme shows all of the words inside a publish around the home page, even of very lengthy posts. I must limit that to some reasonable number allows say 1500 words max to become proven around the webpage, then there must be a "find out moreInch link underneath. Im while using toolbox theme heres the 1. content.php and a pair of index.php.


You could utilize the 'insert more tag' within the wordpress WYSIWYG.

Otherwise you could utilize something similar to this to limit the number of words:

//define the number of words
$length = 1500;
$text = "Lorem Ipsum dolar sit amet etc etc"; //this would contain the article you are pulling from the database and syntax will depend largely on your theme.

$shortened = implode(' ',array_slice(str_word_count($text,1),0,$length));

echo $shortened . ' ...';

(Take this as pseudocode for the time being when i do not have time for you to test drive it.)

Then connect to the content:

<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">read more</a>