When utilizing sIFR around the game titles (.content h1.pagetitle) during my Wordpress theme, it in some way messes in the spacing and pushes the title lower. The particular expensive video is identical size because the font, so It has something related to CSS, though I have attempted nearly everything I possibly could think about and should not have it arranged correctly. Here is a connect to the website:


Any help could be absolutely appreciated :)


Design problem appears to become triggered (and glued) by having fun with your bottom:

In sifr.css:

.sIFR-replaced, .sIFR-ignore {
    visibility: visible !important;

(from http://seanandpeter.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-sifr/sifr/sifr.css)

Altering that to bottom: auto is really a start, however it appears like the CSS rules are very poor - not able to handle multi-line sifr and taking advantage of a very confusing selection of position and offset qualities... I'd wonder if you are while using best sifr wordpress plugin available...