I've experience of creating/developing websites (static/dynamic). But a new comer to wordpress :(. Lately I've produced a CSS/XHTML website for any client who wanted so that it is lunched using wordpress. I have converted the CSS/XHTML right into a wordpress theme when i thought it may be simpler than designing another theme to suit my CSS/XHTML structure. Everything labored well in your area. However when I submitted files in to the server (Styles, footer works fine.) home page reveals fine. However when I click the connect to "about.php" page it does not work.

Initially all of the links were loading the house page. I Quickly looked and transformed the permalink structure to default and also the "about.php" link gave 404 error. I Quickly changed the "about.php" link into <?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/about.php because it was adviced in another article. It just reveals an empty page.

After battling for any whole day, still stuck within the links problem. Hope any one of you experts could save me. :)

Thanks ahead of time.

I believe you're in wrong way. You need to begin to see the template hierarchy first and you need to go throught the wordpress administration panel and make your personal menus