I think you'll might help me,

please have a look inside my company’s site http://www.fiestafranchise.com it appears to become a small problem using the menus whenever you jump in one to a different page there's their email list around the menu (blue text) around the left side from the site that shows momentarily after which disappears. any idea how you can eliminate it?

Searching at the source code, I believe your condition is you've got a large amount of exterior HTTP demands. I count 18 separate javascript files and 9 CSS files.

Another factor is the fact that all of your javascript is contacted the mind. Meaning they have to all load BEFORE your markup is made. The presently recognized practice would be to invest your javascript at the end from the document before the closing from the body tag.

Finally, you need to be mixing all of your javascript right into a single minified file. Same for the CSS (though keep the CSS inside the mind tag).

Hope that can help!