Sometimes totally on desktop application on Home windows platform. Now i'm concentrating on Linux platform to host web programs.

While hosting the applying on Linux, I do not follow any procedure. I merely CHECKOUT the files from SVN and run the applying on home directory. I'm not sure where you can keep application data (example: mysql/postgres or Mongodb or redis, tokyo, japan tyrant). Where you can keep your log files.. What's the tip you've whenever we perform the after sales maintenance focus on the server but display towards the user stating that 'maintenance in progress' messages.

How can you host the application on VPS/devoted/cloud service running Linux application?

Have you got any record? Have you got any tips &lifier methods?

Very broad question

  • Where would you store application data?. Many people would install MySQL which may correctly keep data in /var/lib/mysql and Apache where /var/world wide web is usually used. These programs are often set up in /etc/apache2 and /etc/mysql.
  • Where you can keep log files?. These more often than not gets into to /var/log. For configuration check /etc/syslog.conf
  • How can you configure a server maintenance message?. Produce a HTML file together with your message and serve it by setting up apache from /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
  • How you can do virtual Linux servers?. The simplest strategy is to set up a case on Amazon . com EC2 or you might use Oracle's VirtualBox (much like VMWare, but free). You might try Zen/KVM however these are far form trivial, so unless of course you've Linux maven around i quickly would stay obvious of those.