I'm not sure if this sounds like the best place to request..

Essentially, there exists a website, for instance:


Inside this PHP file, you want to range from the following path:


We're the only real sites around the server, the server goes to us, so security is not an problem. We'd this set on our old server and we have just moved servers and contains triggered items to break.

How do i alter the configurations around the server in order to do includes from another user account? I'd really be thankful.

Thanks greatly.

Could this be considered a file possession permissions problem? Perhaps you have examined the Linux command chown?

Take a look in to the error.log for any conclusive answer and when you did not have an error message. Whether it's a PHP setting leading to this, then probably [cde].

If by "include" you mean an iframe or something like that, then consider Apache configurations, grant access by listing the 2nd site root inside a [cde] directive.

What is wrong with only doing:


Will it not work? Otherwise set both customers towards the same group (group permissions)

Do both sites running correctly (aside from the mix-include problem)? It's also wise to check (in php.ini) whether php safe mode is on, or php open_basedir is placed. The quickest strategy is to determine the outcomes of


This really is not really secure, you could try to place this somewhere within the apache conf file:


Its difficult to identify without more details however i would check and make certain the 'sitea' user has a minimum of read permissions on '/home/siteb/public_html/script.php' an easy 'ls -l /home/siteb/public_html/script.php' should let you know what you ought to know. If permissions would be the problem I'd put 'sitea' and 'siteb' within the same group after which set the audience owner for 'script.php' to that particular group, add read (and perhaps write/execute as needed) to that particular group, and find out in the event that helps.

you might want to read this

In case your include files have been in exactly the same folder then you don't have to specify sites. If you will need to then look into the file possession permission, it ought to be possessed because of your web user.