I would like b .csv list, mysql database, or other listing of all U.S states and metropolitan areas, including which metropolitan areas have been in which condition. Out of this list I'll produce a mysql database using the following fields:

 - id (int, auto_increment, primary)
 - name (varchar 255)

 - id (int, auto_increment, primary)
 - stateId (id of the state from states table to which this city belongs)
 - name (varchar 255)

Thanks ahead of time.

Browse the MySQL world sample database. This db can be used by mysql documentation like a sample db to check query on.

It curently have a 'cities' table you're searching for.


Isn't it time to cover the information? If So, you'll be able to think it is at uscities.trumpetmarketing.internet

I've also seen these details provided together with some programming books especially ones coping with .Internet database programming. Allow me to make reference to my library and general electric back about this:

You may also refer the next:



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Someone has published a listing here:

http://mhinze.com/archive/list-of-us-metropolitan areas-all-city-names-and-states-regex-groups/

After I was searching for a good database of world metropolitan areas for my web project, I attempted using all the free city databases available. I even taken care of a few them.

But not one of them satisfied me. They either had an excessive amount of useless information (like longitudes, administrative subdivisions for small nations, or 1000's and 1000's of records for small nations) or not enough.

For this reason I made the decision to produce my very own database.

Next ended I made the decision to talk about the outcomes of my use the planet.

I offer my database in Stand out and SQL formats. It's over 40,000 of U.S. metropolitan areas and a maximum of over 70,000 metropolitan areas. In my experience it's the perfect balance between completeness and effectiveness.

If you're interested, visit http://worldcitiesdatabase.info and find out if my database fits your needs.

This is a tall order. Consider creating one by scraping the hyperlinks off this site: WP: List of cities, towns, and villages in the US. It's easier should you scrape the wiki markup code as opposed to the raw HTML.

Will need some skill at regexes or at best parsers, but ought to be do-able.

I personally use the us city and county database for this function and that i just checked it got up-to-date in August. They're saying to incorporate 198,703 populated places (a GNIS term for any city or village). I help you need full condition names which names are incorporated inside a free database known as us state list.

Are both in CSV files plus they provide very detailed instructions concerning how to import these to both local and remote MySQL servers. You are able to join these questions choose statement to drag records with full condition names to your requirements.